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We at® believe payments and credit should be assets that empower and enable
commerce - not distractions or impediments. With that in mind, we’ve created a service that uses
accounts receivable to help you grow and sale your business.

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Take charge of your business' finances today

Receive a decision within days

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Pay unexpected expenses

Fund a major purchase

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​US Business

Fortune 500 Buyers

Revenues of $2 Million to

$100 Million

Selling to Fortune 500

or City, State or Federal Agencies.

Payments from city, state, and federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies are enhanced using® technology. Ordinarily, payment terms can extend up to 180 days, leaving you with
serious cash flow challenges. With® technology you can access additional working
capital from an underused asset, without having to sell equity. Small and diverse businesses’ credit and
cash flow benefit from those tools, as well. These premises established the need for®.


To get a sense of the vital role® plays to small and middle-market businesses throughout the US, let’s look at the role it plays in two important sectors at the center of the current credit crisis.


Your business has been stagnant for a while now. Your fixed costs stay close to the same. You produce a product. You invoice for that product, you sit and wait for your client to send your payment. Then, you pay your bills. At this rate, you’re just standing still.

What if you could accelerate the process? What if you could quickly get the working capital you need to take on a new customer or big project that could catapult your sales —and your company — to the next level?
Our customers depend on® to provide the financing they need to run their businesses.® has remained committed to the lending needs of the small and middle market vendors, providing needed capital to markets that other larger financial institutions often don’t.

The current financial challenges in the market haven’t wavered our commitment to the small and middle market businesses that count on us.® can help!

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Companies growing

at a pace that exceeds their

current borrowing capacity.

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​I D E A L

C O M P A N Y®’s proprietary technology platform addresses a large and growing opportunity in small business, providing affordable online access to capital for our constituents: Small and Diverse businesses selling goods and services to city, state, and federal agencies, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Our efficient market strategy leverages a B2B customer acquisition model resulting in strong recurring revenues, low customer acquisition costs and high retention rates; delivering access to capital to grow and scale small and diverse businesses. Our lending decisions focus on the strength of transaction and the creditworthiness of your buyer, rather than being based solely on the balance sheet.

Opportunity to strengthen relations with Buyer

Low cost non-recourse funding

​Automatic deposit of funds

New liquidity source​